Q3 - Safe Lifting, Working at Height & Preventing Dropped Objects

Thorough planning and specific hazard identification for lifting operations, working at height and preventing potential dropped objects will allow hazards to be safely managed.

This quarter’s theme of “Safe Lifting, Working at Height, and Preventing Dropped Objects” is a regular focus area of health and safety teams and is equally relevant to onshore and offshore operations.

Safer Together has developed a range of resources that address the Q3 topic, including:

Load Safe - Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

The Load Safe/CoR Tool is an Industry lead initiative that provides our clear guidance on HVNL CoR legislation requirements that relate to our industry.

Safer Together has developed a tool and resource pack for use in our workforce to address the issue of an increase in load restraint failures across the industry, changes in Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and complexed Chain of Responsibility obligations.


Control measures for Loading & Unloading activities known as LUEZ (Loading, Unloading Exclusion Zones) & Spotting activities using good operating practices.

The Land Logistics Working Group compiled and analysed guidance sourced from Member Companies and expert organisations.  A consolidated guidance document was developed for Industry use with an accompanying demonstration video to help communicate good LUEZ practice.

Safer Together has additional initiatives and supporting resources to address safe lifting, working at height & preventing dropped objects:

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