Safer Together is a member of the Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) - a global industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across our industry.  

It has been recognised that there has been a high number of incidents of dropped/falling objects within our industry.  The potential for this type of incident to severely injure personnel or cause material damage on the drill floor and in the surrounding area is very high. 

DROPS is a global group of more than 200 companies and industry bodies, all sharing commitment to the common goal of dropped object prevention.  The problem is common to everyone in the industry, across all regions, sectors, and disciplines. 

Safer Together has issued the DROPS Management System Self-Assessment Guideline, that encourages an integrated, systematic approach to managing the identified risks and hazards associated with dropped objects specific to your Company’s operations.

Picture 1.png
DROPS Management Methodology Flowchart

It can be utilised as a guidance document for all Companies requiring a consistent systematic approach to identifying and managing the hazards and risks associated with dropped objects.

This document is designed to be easily integrated into existing processes and provides a recommended approach to managing dropped objects for all Companies currently involved in our Industry.  It outlines detailed criteria that should be met or exceeded.

HSERs are encouraged to utilise this Guideline.

Once the Company has developed and implemented their Drops Management System, an identified person should conduct a self-assessment of the system against the criteria. This self-assessment will check verification of compliance and implementation of the DROPS Management System.

By following the link to our DROPS page, you’ll find the tools and processes based on the DROPS model to validate that operating rigs have been assessed from a dropped object standpoint, and that a functioning drops prevention system is in place. If followed closely the DROPS model will reduce the number of dropped objects across our industry.

For further information on DROPS, email:  [email protected].