About Safer Together

The Queensland Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry Safety Forum and Western Australia / Northern Territory Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry Safety Forum (known as Safer Together) are not-for-profit, member-led organisations of Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies committed to creating the leadership and collaboration needed to build a strong and consistent safety culture in our rapidly evolving industry.

Safer Together plays a pivotal role in defining how we move our industry forward. Active participation by all companies working in the industry will be key to building a Community of Leaders that together create a safer Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Industry.

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Why Collaborate? Find out more about the safety challenges facing our industry and the reasons why Safer Together was established.

Vision – Mission – Objectives Find out the overarching aim of Safer Together, the way we will work to achieve it, and how we will measure if we have been successful.

How We Are Organised Find out how Safer Together operates and the structures we have put in place.

Standardisation Find out more about the Safer Together standardisation agenda.

Latest News Find out about recent developments relating to Safer Together.

FAQs Find out answers to common questions about Safer Together.

Safety Alerts Latest Safety Alerts issued out from Safer Together.

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Collaboration Partners Find out who we work with to improve safety in our industry.

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