Assist and Assure e-Learn for Frontline HSER Connect • In our Strategic Plan, Assist and Assure is identified as a high priority program for its focus on creating a safe environment for open safety conversations, ensuring that these conversations are consistent and effective, leading to improvement in safety outcomes. In response to the demand for frontline workers to have access to a concise introduction to Assist and Assure Australia-wide, we have developed a 30-minute Frontline Awareness Training e-Learn course.
Land Transport Working to Prevent Major Incidents Articles • Driving is a routine activity for every sector in our industry, and one of our highest-risk undertakings. Due to a rapid increase in vehicle-related incidents industry-wide, our Land Transport Incident Review Panel (LTIRP) focussed on Safer Together programs including LUEZ (loading, unloading exclusion zones) and In-Vehicular Monitoring System (IVMS) and existing driver behaviour technologies - discussing whether these initiatives have made us safer.

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