Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Safer Together is working closely with APPEA to support the Australian Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry's response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Click here for more information.

Enerflex: Assist and Assure – 7 Steps for Step-Change Improvement in Workforce Engagement Case Studies • Many companies use some sort of hazard identification checklist to do pre-job risk assessments. But this approach can discourage people to think for themselves because they have a tendency to rely on the checklist to identify all the potential problems. If the checklist does not address a key issue, the person using it may well overlook some of the hazards associated with carrying out the job.
Reflect, Reset and Reboot – A Safety “Pulse Check” to Build Stronger Workforce Engagement Case Studies • During times of business upheaval and disruption, it’s essential for senior leaders to check in with their employees and understand how they are feeling. Understanding, measuring, boosting and maintaining workforce engagement plays a central role in ensuring companies are not only able to adapt to rapid changes in the workplace, but also well positioned to emerge stronger.

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