Safety Leaders Group

The Safety Leaders Group (SLG) is comprised of senior leaders from Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies who oversee and steer implementation of the industry’s Strategic Safety Plan.

The overarching primary objective of the SLG is to improve safety performance in the Oil and Gas E&P industry sector.

These leaders represent companies who collectively provide a broad cross-section of different services to the industry (e.g. drilling; logistics; operations and maintenance).

Selection criteria include:

  1. The person represents a member company of Safer Together
  2. The person is of a suitably senior position within their company
  3. The type of service (e.g. logistics) is not represented on the SLG, or is under-represented.

Nomination form - Safety Leaders Group

Nominations for the SLG should be a senior executive with operational accountability who exercises significant influence on the culture of your company. Typically, they will be your CEO, COO or General Manager of Operations. They must also be authorised to commit your Company to Safer Together initiatives.

Safety Leaders Group - Nominated Representative

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