Membership of Safer Together gives your company the opportunity to drive the safety agenda for the industry through involvement in the Safety Leaders Group and Working Groups.

Membership of Safer Together is for companies that are likely to play a long term role in the development of the Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry in Queensland. This includes Operator Companies, Exploration Companies, and Contract Partner Companies – large and small.

Alignment of companies working in the Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry in Queensland is fundamental for building long-term partnerships – we need to all be pulling in the same direction when tackling safety performance improvement.

The Member Companies that sign up are expected to demonstrate commitment to the objectives of Safer Together. This includes actively supporting and taking part in the network events and meetings,  and having an internal implementation strategy for the Safer Together programme areas to implement change where appropriate for their business.

Members also have access to the tools and materials developed for members only.

Access the current list of Member Companies Q3 2018.

Access the Membership Application Form here


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