Control measures for Loading and Unloading activities known as LUEZ (‘loading, unloading exclusion zones’) and Spotting activities using good operating practices.


LUEZ Demonstration Video

Remembering Cameron Cole - LUEZ Awareness (source: Santos Line of Fire campaign)


Loading and unloading trucks and trailers presents interaction risks to equipment and personnel. These risks are managed, in part, by establishing and maintaining Loading and Unloading Exclusion Zones (LUEZ).  Is there enough commonality in the LUEZ approaches used across our industry?

If LUEZ controls are not implemented effectively, people can be injured or killed.  The 'Remembering Cameron Cole' video serves as a sobering reminder.


The Land Logistics Working Group compiled and analysed guidance sourced from member companies and expert organisations.  A consolidated guidance document was developed for Industry use with an accompanying LUEZ demonstration video to help communicate good LUEZ practice within member companies.    


The LUEZ project team has published the Safer Together LUEZ & Spotting Guideline and created a video clip LUEZ Demonstration.

A Launch Pack has been developed to help Safer Together members implement the requirements of the LUEZ & Spotting Guideline. It includes:

  • Toolbox presentation
  • Poster
  • LUEZ case study example (Halliburton)
  • LUEZ Demonstration Video

Other useful resources:

  • FAQs: frequently asked questions and answers.

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