Learning Event Bulletins

A tool to assist with learning from unwanted events and/or threats in order to reduce the occurrence of high potential incidents.

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Safer Together seeks to reduce the occurrence of High Potential (HiPo) Incidents. This requires becoming a learning focused industry. Current negative associations with labelling an incident as a ‘HiPo’ are hampering effective learning from these incidents.


Focus on ‘unwanted events/threats’ as triggers to investigate and disseminate lessons learnt. Encourage industry to approach unwanted events with a positive learning mindset.  Investigate, report and disseminate the lessons as ‘Learning Events’ triggered by unwanted events/threats occurring, regardless of whether it is classified as a HiPo or not. Influence and reinforce safe behaviours that can help safeguard people.


Safer Together has:

  • Produced Learning Event Bulletin templates that organisations can use to break down and communicate a Learning Event and preventative actions that could be considered by other organisations.  
  • Developed How To Guides to help prepare a Learning Event Bulletin.
  • Prepared a list of common ‘unwanted events and threats’.  This list is summarised in the Learning Event Bulletin How To Guide, and serves as a guide to 'triggers' for producing a Learning Event Bulletin.
  • Built a searchable web-based library for storing Learning Event Bulletins.

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