Safe Deck Operations

Standardising and implementing best practices for deck cargo handling to minimise risk to vessel deck crew.



Activities on the back decks of vessels in our Industry are often separately controlled (e.g. by the vessel, operations or other parties). How do we ensure essential controls and interactions between separately controlled activities provide for a minimum level of risk to deck operators on offshore vessels?


The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) developed an information paper "Deck Cargo Management Onboard Offshore Vessels". This document provides risk-based guidance, including best practices, on safe working practices involving deck cargo handling between shore base operations, offshore facilities and vessel operators. 


Following extensive consultation, Safer Together has published a Specification that seeks to use the OCIMF information paper to standardise safe working practices involving deck cargo handling.

Coming Next

  • Develop tools to assist in implementing the Specification including e-learn

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