Safety Culture Survey

An engagement tool to assess and measure safety culture maturity and identify key areas for focus and improvement.


Leadership drives safety culture, which in turn drives safe behaviour. Understanding the baseline safety culture across the industry is difficult to determine by analysing outputs from a variety of different surveys from a wide range of companies.


Develop and provide to member companies a cost effective safety culture survey that both provides a consistent assessment and comparison across the industry and industry sectors (benchmarking) and also specific insight at the company or work team level.  Aid member companies and the industry more broadly to identify improvement opportunities and develop targeted action plans.


The Working Group launched the Safety Culture Survey at the Industry Safety Forum on the 6th of December, 2016. It's an engagement tool that is accessible to all of your workforce - even if they are spread far and wide - and a systematic, efficient way of obtaining their views and ideas about safety in your organisation.  

The Safety Culture Survey is broadly based on safety leadership characteristics defined by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) in IOGP Report 452, Shaping Safety Culture Through Safety Leadership. Click here to review the Safety Culture Survey questions. 

1. Activate

As a member organisation you can activate a user account by registering and purchasing your survey credits here.

Once your account is activated you can set up your groups and surveys to suit how you would like engage with your workforce. A User Guide is available to help you set-up the Survey for use in your organisation. 

2. Measure

The next step is undertaking the Survey and measuring your company's safety culture.  Materials are available to help communicating your company participation in the Safety Culture Survey.  These include:

3. Engage

Results are available in real time from the Survey dashboard. The results can be filtered in a number of ways so you can valuable insights and identify key areas to engage with your workforce for focus and improvement.  A User Guide is available to help you analyse the Survey results. 

Coming Next

Annual 'rolled-up' industry-level reports about the Industry's safety culture.

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