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Understanding the baseline safety culture and getting valuable safety insights from work teams is hugely beneficial for any company. As Operator of the Gorgon project - one of the world’s largest LNG projects and the largest single resource project in Australia’s history, Chevron Australia has a large and diverse workforce of employees and contractors.  Engaging the workforce in regular conversations about safety, and assessing the safety culture requires a significant commitment of time and resources to obtain feedback, analyse and implement sustainable outcomes.  


During the early stages of the Gorgon Stage 2 expansion project, the Gorgon Stage 2 HSE Team gathered together for a workshop to evaluate Safer Together’s online Safety Culture Survey tool. With a wealth of personal experience in using a broad range of different safety culture products, the team members recognised the benefits of practical, cost-effective safety tools that can be quickly and easily deployed and judged for themselves the features and potential benefits of Safer Together’s online product.


During the engagement workshop, which took about 75 minutes to complete, participants were given an introductory briefing about the survey tool, completed the online survey activity on their mobile devices and then were able to immediately view and discuss the results as a group in a feedback session.

Participants found that the online survey activity was easy to activate, navigate and complete and were particularly impressed that the results were available in real-time and could be easily filtered and dissected. They concluded that this would enable work teams to have an open and meaningful safety conversation with their line supervisor/manager about the feedback and the way forward, without having to wait weeks to obtain the survey results.

By generating real-time data this engagement activity provides transparency of feedback, which in turn can help to increase the levels of trust amongst the work team.

“It gives line leaders not only the opportunity to enrol the workforce in providing their feedback, but also gets them working collectively on addressing any opportunities of improvement. Research suggests that when doing this, you achieve more sustainable workforce ownership and buy-in. The delivery of this has the potential to not just improve safety, but also to improve other business outcomes as well.” (Gorgon Stage 2 HSE Specialist – Construction) 

Lessons Learnt

  • Run this activity as a face-to-face engagement session in small work teams – this is the key to enrolling your workforce.
  • Allow adequate time to discuss the results/feedback immediately after completing the online survey activity - the conversation is where the real value lies.
  • Framing/setting the scene is essential – take the time to explain the context upfront so that users know what to expect and why it’s important.

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