Process Safety is about good practice to ensure that the process equipment we maintain and operate will not lead to the release of hazardous materials, or energy that could hurt people or the environment.

Our Process Safety Working Group (PSWG) has designed Process Safety Awareness materials tailored specifically for our Industry to use to educate workers, and improve conversations about the role everyone plays in maintaining process safety.

Using these tools will enable Health Safety and Environment Representatives (HSERs) to initiate and enhance process safety conversations highlighting the role we all play in keeping hazardous materials contained.  

Process Safety Awareness Videos

"Process Safety – We all have a part to play" and “Process Safety – Maintain It” are process safety awareness video campaigns designed to help improve conversations about process safety, and to help people connect their own role to process safety awareness. 

Follow the links above, download the videos and campaign Launch Pack, and initiate this conversation with your team.

Process Safety Awareness Campaigns

A series of awareness campaigns that include toolbox talk materials, an implementation guide (overview of the steps and activities to roll-out the campaign with your team), and supporting materials (e.g., posters, videos, and safety moment prompts).

Topics include:

Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in any initiatives associated with our Process Safety Working Group.