Incident Follow-up: Ask “Why?” Instead of “How?” So That You Can Focus on “What” Rather Than "Who” Articles • Keynote speaker Lincoln Eldridge challenged DCIIRP participants to think differently about learning from incidents. After an incident, those who seek to learn have the benefit of perfect clarity in their understanding of the incident consequence. However, those who were involved in the activity prior to the incident don’t have the same advantage. They cannot see the future with the same clarity afforded by those with hindsight. Lincoln proposed an alternate way of learning from incidents.
Arrow Improves its Safety Induction and Gets Better Value at the Same Time Articles • Ben Prain, Arrow’s Safety Manager knows how to improve safety inductions and get better value at the same time. He explains “Introducing the Safer Together Industry Safety Induction (ISI) has allowed us to streamline our induction processes. We now have one face to face induction for all Arrow facilities and fields. This has delivered cost and efficiency improvements. Most importantly it has helped ensure consistency of HSE requirements across all Arrow locations”.

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