Thorough planning and specific hazard identification for lifting operations, working at height, and preventing potential dropped objects allow hazards to be safely managed. 

We play a key role in the promotion of safe work practices within the Australian Energy Production industry, providing a means for workers to raise safety issues within the workplace.  With our Collaboration Partners, Step Change in Safety (UK) and Always Safe (Norway) in Q3 the focus is on Safe Lifting, Working at Height & Preventing Dropped Objects.

On the Q3 page, we’ve collated a suite of resources to enable our members to respond to the needs of their worksite, resources intended to:

  • Improve hazard awareness of routine lifting tasks and their potential to cause a major accident,
  • Identify and manage hazards related to working at height, &
  • Increase awareness of potential dropped objects and their effects.

In addition to other resources available, you’ll also find Learning Event Bulletins (LEB) and Products and Programs related to the Q3 topic, including this recent release:

LEB 1.jpglink to LEB

What Happened?

Two workers were working approximately 5 metres above the ground on a permanent access platform, removing the lid on a Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) Discharge Coalescer as part of a scope of works to replace the filter cartridges. While slackening the studs, using a hytorq cassette and a flogging spanner as a backing spanner, the flogging spanner was dropped and fell through the gap between the access platform and the Coalescer. The falling spanner struck the upper isolation valve, causing damage to the flange, and then impacted a nearby line to the open drain system before landing on the ground. The spanner fell within the established exclusion zone.

How to use an LEB with your team?

  • Print the Bulletin and post it to notice boards.
  • Use the Toolbox slide pack to discuss the Bulletin at site safety meetings (e.g. toolbox sessions, pre-start meetings, pre-tours).  It is important that this discussion is two-way.  Provide information about the Learning Event and lessons learnt AND use it as a chance to discuss “Could this happen to you?”

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