Competence & Behaviour

The Competence and Behaviour Working Group exists to define a standard of safe working behaviour expected of all people in the industry and a common standard of competence to enable duties to be performed safely.

The Group is working on the following projects and initiatives:

Industry Safety Induction

Standardised Industry Safety Induction (ISI) training for all new starts to the Industry. Learn more >

SMART Actions

An e-learn tool to develop skills in quality SMART action creation. Learn more >

Common Industry Competencies

Standardised industry safety training requirements.  Learn More >

​​​​​​Effective Safety Conversations

Developing skills and tools to have an effective safety conversation, through theory and practical application. Learn more >

5 Whys

An e-learn tool to provide training in a simple problem-solving technique aimed at improving incident investigation outcomes. Learn more >

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