SMART Actions

An e-learn tool to develop skills in quality SMART action creation.



The resources industry has experienced repeat incidents over a number of years with very similar findings. Analysis reveals that approximately 60% of actions created, target administrative controls instead of hard controls. Quality actions lead to less likelihood of repeat incidents when implemented and enhances learning.


Build an e-learn tool to help develop the skills needed to develop skills in quality SMART Action creation.


Available now!                                                                                                                                           

Safer Together has developed the SMART Actions e-learn tool and supporting materials. Access the training material here:

Access online e-learn version of SMART Actions

Download the SMART Actions e-learn package for your Learning Management System (LMS)

SMART Actions Template

Launch Pack has been developed to help members implement the SMART Actions e-learn. It includes:

  • Implementation Guide
  • Poster
  • Information Video Clip

FAQs have been publishedto provide further details about the training.

A Lunch & Learn information session was also held in Brisbane in March 2022 to introduce the e-learn tool. Member Companies can access a full recording of the Event here

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