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Common Industry Competencies

Standardised industry safety training requirements.


About Common Industry Competencies

​​​​​CIC Webinar: click here for presentation materials

The Common Industry Competencies (CIC) Specification defines consistent requirements for training courses, competency and validity periods. It removes confusion that has the potential to hurt people, while providing cost efficiency by eliminating duplication in training requirements.

The CIC Specification establishes requirements for:

  • Confined Space
  • First Aid
  • Work at Height
  • Electrical Work
  • Light Vehicles
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Mobile Plant operation


  • High Risk Work Licences;
    • Hoists and Lifting Devices
    • Dogging and Rigging
    • Cranes
    • Process Equipment
    • Scaffolding 

The Specification also requires that CIC records be maintained.  These records shall be:

  • subject to verification to confirm that they are valid
  • stored in a secure manner and in accordance with relevant Privacy legislation.


The general concept of industry competency focuses on the ability to perform particular tasks to the standard of performance expected in the workplace.

Operators and Contractors within the industry have established requirements for safety training and competence.   There are inconsistencies in these requirements across the industry.   This causes confusion that has the potential to hurt people.  In addition, demonstrating the competence of Contractor workers to meet the requirements of different Operator clients across various sites creates administrative burden and cost for Contractors and Operators alike.


Achieving consistent recognition of competencies that are shared across our industry will deliver huge value.  It will remove confusion, eliminate duplication in training requirements and improve cost efficiency.  It will also: improve worker mobility; allow Operators and Contractors to better target their training spend; enable faster mobilisation of workers to site; and increase confidence around the competency of our Contractor workforce.


The Working Group has published the Common Industry Competencies (CIC) Specification. Where a role description identifies a Competency Requirement that is defined in the CIC Specification, the Common Industry Competency Requirements defined in the Specification will apply.

A Launch Pack has been developed to help Safer Together members implement the Common Industry Competency Specification. 

The Working Group has also published the following information documents about the CIC Specification:

Coming Next

The Working Group will develop the Working at Height Verification of Competency (VoC), conduct a “deep dive” review, and consider what other competencies can be added to the CIC Specification.

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