We take the 'together' in Safer Together seriously, and July saw our 100th Qld. Rig Site Safety Working Group (RSSWG) meeting in Brisbane. 


July 2014 saw the first-ever meeting of the Qld. RSSWG.  In that meeting the people in the Group at the time had the initial conversation “what should we focus on first?”. The outcomes included:

  1. A concept for what soon became known as an Incident Review Panel. Originally trialled within one Operator company, the RSSWG had an appetite to broaden this concept of sharing lessons learnt from high value learning events across the entire Qld. Drilling & Completions community. Since then the RSSWG has held more than 30 of these events, and the same approach has also been adopted by the Marine, Land Transport and Process Safety communities Australia-wide.
  2. A recognition of the need to do more in the area of Hand Safety, which led to the RSSWG championing adoption by the Qld. Drilling & Completions community of Helping Hands, which continues to this day to be widely regarded by Safer Together members as one of the best interactive and effective safety programs.
  3. They also talked about the Drilling & Completions Induction and recognised there was an opportunity for this to evolve to be applicable to a much broader audience, which ultimately led to the development and launch of the Common Industry Safety Induction in 2016.

Jump ahead to today, and feedback from our Member Companies through our annual Member Survey continues to highlight that our MOST EFFECTIVE initiative is Assist and Assure, and our MOST ACCESSED initiative is Learning Event Bulletins – both initiated by and nurtured by the Qld. RSSWG.

We have watched collaboration within the Qld. RSSWG grow into deep personal friendships.  In a high-pressured commercial industry, through Safer Together, this Group has created for themselves a community, a culture within our industry of respect, trust and appreciation.  We couldn’t be prouder to be the conduit for this development.

On reflection, the Qld. RSSWG represents why we do what we do at Safer Together, and that what we do is making a difference for everyone in our industry in multiple ways.

Thank you, Qld. RSSWG, for showing us what good looks like.  Congratulations on hitting your centenary, and here’s to the next 100.

We are Stronger and Safer Together.

If you are interested in joining the Qld RSSWG, email:  [email protected].