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‘Assist & Assure’ is a way of working to proactively identify and mitigate risk in work preparation and execution. Its primary objective is to avoid harm to those on the front line.

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What is Assist & Assure?

Assist & Assure focuses on creating a safe environment for open, engaging safety conversations meant to 'Assist' employees and contractors to work more safely, and it 'Assures' us both individually, and as a community in a proactive manner, that the conversations are consistent and effective leading to improvement in safety outcomes.

Safer Together offers training and support materials so that Member Companies can effectively deploy Assist & Assure in their workplace.

Training is available for both Frontline workers and Supervisors/Safety Leaders.

Frontline Awareness Training (designed for Frontline Workers, HSSE Function & Operational/Support roles, and by Organisational Leaders as an introduction to Assist & Assure):

This training consists of 4 main elements and describes how to use Assist & Assure on the frontline:

  1. Transition to work
  2. Safe Work Process -Step 7
  3. Effective Supervision
  4. Assure

Assist & Assure Frontline Awareness Training is available in three formats:

A&A e-Learn (Online).png
A&A e-Learn (LMS Package).png
A&A Frontline Training Pack.png

Supervisors Safety Leadership Training (For Line Supervisors, Operational Leaders & HSSE Function): 

This training focuses on the role of the front-line safety leaders/supervisors.  It provides examples of how to run engaging transition to work meetings, and how to have effective ‘Step 7’ conversations.  It also covers key Safety Leadership skills:

  1. Influence behaviours, give praise, be curious 
  2. Human and organisational performance, learner mindset, psychological safety
  3. Facilitation and coaching skills
  4. Effective interventions
  5. Example of self-assure for Assist & Assure

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