We launch our Q2 Theme ‘Preventing Personal Injuries’ with a reminder that we are a member-led organisation working together to prevent harm to our frontline workers.  To do this, it is important that we understand hazards at site, the harm they can cause us, and how we can control them to prevent injuries to ourselves and colleagues.

Body stressing, falls, trips and slips, and being hit by moving objects are the cause of most work-related injuries in Australia (Safe Work Australia Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia, 2023), and work-related mental health conditions are on the  rise – with time off work for work-related mental health conditions more than four times longer than for other injuries. 

In our Q2 Theme ‘Preventing Personal Injuries’ portal, we have collated resources to help our Member Companies to: 

  • Enhance awareness of personal hazards and the potential for personal injuries, and
  • Understand how your decisions affect the risk of personal injuries.

Our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan highlights the two following high-priority programs:

Assist & Assure

Assist & Assure focuses on creating a safe environment for open, engaging safety conversations meant to 'Assist' employees and contractors to work more safely, and it 'Assures' us both individually, and as a community in a proactive manner, that the conversations are consistent and effective leading to improvement in safety outcomes.

Training opportunities and support materials are available.

Line of Fire (mini-portal)

Safer Together's Line of Fire mini-portal is where you go to find a range of information and tools designed to reduce Line of Fire incidents, designed as a 'one stop shop' to access a range of tools designed to reduce the incidence of line of fire incidents across our industry.

Follow the link to our Q2 - Preventing Personal Injuries page and browse the available resources – including Learning Event Bulletins and Toolboxes to enable safety conversations on the Q2 theme in your workplace, and initiatives available for immediate deployment designed to prevent personal injuries.

For any questions regarding our Q2 Theme:  Preventing Personal Injuries, email:  [email protected].