It's important that we understand hazards at site, the harm they can cause us, and how we can control them to prevent injuries to ourselves and colleagues. Safe Work Australia finds that 60% of serious claims were related to Body stressing, and Falls, trips and slips of a person, a sobering figure that we should be mindful of when we consider the wellbeing of our workforce.

In the Q2 theme portal, we have collated resources to help our Member Companies to: 

  • Enhance awareness of personal hazards and the potential for personal injuries,
  • Reinforce the hierarchy of control in reducing personal risk,
  • Understand how your decisions affect the risk of personal injuries.

Line of Fire (Mini Portal)

Line of Fire, put simply, is 'being in harms way'.

Safer Together has developed a mini-portal where you can find a range of information and tools designed to reduce Line of Fire incidents, designed as a 'one stop shop' to access a range of tools designed to reduce the incidence of line of fire incidents across our industry.

Water Crossing for Light Vehicles Guideline

Driving is one of our highest risk activities, with driving across water a high-risk undertaking.

The Guideline covers Light Vehicle transport in flood events leading to increasing water across causeways or otherwise unrestricted roads becoming flooded due to overland flow of flood waters.

Follow the link to our Q2 - Preventing Personal Injuries page and browse the available resources – including Learning Event Bulletins and Toolboxes to enable safety conversations on the Q2 theme in your workplace.

To address and arrest the number of personal injuries at your worksite, look to the Initiatives tab on the Q2 page – here you’ll see Safer Together initiatives available for immediate deployment designed to prevent personal injuries.

For any questions regarding our Q2 Theme:  Preventing Personal Injuries, email:  [email protected].