Water Crossing for Light Vehicles Guideline

A Guideline that provides information to assist Qld CSG Industry personnel to safely traverse flooded waterways.



Driving across running water is a dangerous activity. Between 2001 and 2017, 96 people died in Australia trying to drive through floodwater, and hundreds more were rescued from their vehicles. The reason why is that people consistently underestimate the force of moving water, and overestimate the ability of their vehicle to withstand these forces.


Develop a Guideline intended for use by all companies involved in supply chain activities that support the Qld CSG Industry. It covers Light Vehicle transport in times of flood events leading to water levels increasing across causeways or otherwise unrestricted roads becoming flooded due to overland flow of flood waters.


Available now!

  • Access the Guideline here
  • Access the Water Crossing Awareness Training LMS e-learn here
  • Access the Water Crossing Awareness Training Web Link e-learn here
  • Toolbox package to help communicate Water Crossing Guideline with your workforce here
  • Download a quick reference card/sticker here
  • View the webinar recording of the Water Crossing Guidance Lunch & Learn here
  • FAQs are available here

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