As psychosocial health becomes an increasing focus for everyone in our industry, managing our physical and mental wellbeing, and the hazards associated with our work environment is essential to keeping us safe in the short and longer terms – and the focus of our Q4 Theme.

Follow the link to our Quarterly Theme Q4 homepage; here you’ll find links to the products, programs and tools we have available related to this topic.  Resources included in this section will help you: 

  • Improve understanding of physical and mental wellbeing,
  • Increase awareness of occupational health impacts,
  • Improve communication with, and better understand your colleagues.

Safer Together has a range of resources that address the Q4 topic, including:

Health Matters

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Supporting our Q4 theme is our Health Matters webpage.  This is where members can find supporting materials to help address any health and wellbeing issues you might have in your workplace – and it’s a place where our members can share what you are doing to manage health and wellbeing of you and your colleagues.

Look around the Health Matters page.  You will find a lot of great material here, but we’re always keen to obtain more.  To improve health outcomes for everyone in our industry, we encourage you to share materials built by your organisation, so that others may benefit from your efforts.

Fitness to Work Medical Assessment Guideline

Also supporting our Q4 theme, is our Fitness to Work Medical Assessment Guideline for pre-employment and periodic medical examinations for the Onshore Australian Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry.

Medical screening and proactive medical management of workers’ health reduces health and safety risks in the industry.  This Guidelines helps member companies set up Fitness to Work medical assessments and associated processes.  The Guideline promotes a consistent, efficient, and cost-effective industry-wide approach to placement medicals.  

Click through to our global Quarterly Theme partners, Always Safe (Norway) and Step Change in Safety (UK) to see the resources they have collated in support of this theme.