Process Safety Awareness Campaigns

A series of awareness campaigns developed in response to outputs from the Process Safety Survey.


The Process Safety Survey conducted in 2016 identified some opportunities for improving frontline awareness of process safety issues, particularly in relation to oxygen deficient atmospheres, safe operating envelopes and hierarchy of control.


Develop and rollout awareness campaigns on a quarterly basis including resources and talking points for use at toolbox talks and start of shift meetings. Promote use of the materials and make them easily accessible to all member companies.


A series of 4 campaigns were rolled out in 2017/2018.  Campaign topics:

A launch pack was developed  to  help Safer Together members  rollout each campaign.  Launch packs typically include:

  • Implementation guide: an overview of the steps and activities to rollout the Process Safety Awareness Campaign.
  • A slide packs with talking points and additional detail for use by field supervisors and team leaders.
  • A campaign poster to raise awareness and reinforce the messages.
  • “Safety Moment” Prompt: a thought provoking slide that can be used on the website or other company media.
  • Introductory letter: template for letter from the CEO / senior in-country manager to field supervisors and team leaders.

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