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Contain It!

Mobile Major Accident Hazard Awareness Training

Contain It! is mobile major accident hazard awareness training developed by Safer Together process safety professionals, together with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Gasworks. It is a 2-3 hour site-based training program, comprising a selection of outdoor demonstrations. Each demonstration has been structured to clearly portray a particular process safety concept, enable an interactive discussion about the relevant controls, and highlight relevant industry incidents where a major accident event has resulted.

  • Contain It! promotes process safety hazard awareness.
  • Contain It! promotes process safety-related conversations.
  • Contain It! provides a ‘working memory’ of the effects that may be experienced with a loss of containment, and its escalation to a fire or explosion.
  • Contain It! makes major accident hazards ‘real’.

Let seasoned fire professionals explain flammable gas properties and the behaviour of fires with safe controlled demonstrations.

Contain It! is led by experienced and qualified instructors. The props come to you, at your site, purpose-built and certified.   Participants will feel the heat of a flash fire, hear the sound of a pressure release, and witness a boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion (BLEVE), amongst a variety of other experiences. 

This unique experiential learning activity is relevant to anyone working in our industry, particularly Operations & Maintenance and Support personnel.

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Rod Duke, Chief Executive Officer, GLNG Operations Pty Ltd:

“Santos has applied Safer Together’s Contain It! to three business areas to date: at the start of a total plant outage maintenance event at Curtis Island, GLNG; for icebreakers with new drilling rig crews supporting GLNG Development; and as general awareness across the GLNG Upstream operating areas.

Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive, with the live demonstrations well received across all levels of work experience. Realistic scenarios were brought to life safely, and with a small footprint.

The trainers (QFES) have been professional and engaging with their delivery of theory and real-life experiences.

Knowing that this Initiative has been developed by process safety professionals, is maintained by qualified personnel from Gasworks, and delivered by very capable QFES staff, provides me with the confidence that Contain It! is a value-add to my teams.”

Ivan Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Arrow Energy:

“The ContainIt! training was positively received with many attendees commenting that the demonstrations were really beneficial; attendees felt that they had a better understanding of the potential consequences from an event and it was made more real by the fact that they could see, feel (heat) and hear the consequences.”

Click here to find out how Contain It! helped Arrow Energy engage with their workforce by delivering high-quality and practical process safety awareness training.


Our industry employs a large number of people from a variety of backgrounds, many of whom do not have previous experience in the oil and gas industry. Situational awareness of major accident hazards is essential for everyone working in the industry. Although many companies conduct process safety awareness training in the classroom or on-line, very few personnel have experienced a practical loss of containment scenario. 

Fire training grounds provide the opportunity for personnel to experience loss of containment scenarios, however these facilities are not located in proximity to industry locations.  It is expensive to transport the workforce to these facilities.


Develop a high-quality, cost effective training program, comprised of technical demonstrations designed to promote interaction.  Roll out this training at work sites throughout Queensland.  Provide qualified and experienced instructors to ensure safe delivery of the training. 


The Working Group, in collaboration with Gasworks and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, has developed Contain It! - a transportable interactive training program aimed at educating the workforce about major accident hazard events and the part people play in preventing a major accident. 

A customised mobile training rig and associated equipment for the training program has been built. This allows Contain It! to be delivered to the workplaces throughout regional Queensland.

The Working Group has also published:​


Coming Next

The Working Group is now:

  • Reviewing ContainIt! delivery to ensure it is meeting industry needs in Queensland.
  • The Working Group is preparing to launch ContainIt! in WA/NT.  This will include reviewing the ContainIt! delivery model for WA/NT needs.

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Safer Together wishes to express its gratitude to the following companies, who have provided the funding necessary to build the mobile training rig and equipment for this project:

  • Arrow Energy                       
  • Australia Pacific LNG     
  • QGC
  • Santos

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