Things are coming together for our 2022 HSER Forum in Darwin on Wednesday 19 October 2022 – the only thing we’re missing is YOU!

The theme for this years’ Forum is Listen. Share. Learn., and that’s just what we are going to do.

Listen - At the 2021 HSER Forum we polled attendees; HSERs recognised that improvements had been made and that more tools were available, but HSERs highlighted Time, Training and Line Management Support as key areas where more help was needed.

There was unanimous agreement from HSERs for Safer Together to maintain communication, to facilitate networking and to promote further sharing between HSERs.

Information gleaned from the 2021 Forum has helped us prioritise Safer Together activities since.

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At the 2022 Forum, we will poll HSERs to gauge your current concerns; and undertake a live Safety Culture Survey, with a real-time discussion and dissection of the survey results discussed by HSERs and Industry Leaders at the afternoons’ Industry Safety Forum (ISF).

This will enable Industry Leaders to be updated on the concerns and issues HSERs have in real-time and use this feedback to help guide 2023 plans for Safer Together and their organisations.

Share – Safer Together will be sharing from our upcoming National Safe Work Month initiative, ‘Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace’; including a walk-through of program materials on how HSERs can support themselves and their colleagues to feel safe in the workplace, and where to direct colleagues for support.

We will also hear from the regulatory community about what they are seeing in this space and their expectations going forward.

Learn –HSERs attending the Forum in the morning will start the day with a ‘Helping Hands’ Hand and Finger Preservation exercise, and then we’re presenting a new tool to approach Psychological Safety in the workplace. 

You’ll learn about the resources and materials Safer Together has in place to support HSERs in their role, and the actions we are taking in the mental wellbeing space.

Attendees will learn about current industry performance outcomes and challenges, understand further the importance of the role HSERs play in preventing accidents and incidents, and how HSERs can engage all workers to work towards a common goal – consistent improvement in safety outcomes.

The Forum will also include presentations on how to best use Safer Together HSER Toolkit in your workplace to improve safety outcomes.

We all face common challenges, so there will also be plenty of opportunity to learn from each other about what has worked and what hasn’t.   

We are pleased to acknowledge the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Limited (APPEA) as a sponsor of the HSER Forum, and we thank them for their contribution to the success of this event.

If you are an elected HSER and you would like to register to attend this HSER Forum, please contact us at [email protected].