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In early 2017, Woodside became the first Associate Member of Safer Together (Qld).  During the remainder of 2017, Woodside helped steer and provide leadership to the formation of Safer Together WA/NT.

When it became apparent that Safer Together would launch in March 2018, Woodside considered options to get their involvement off to the best possible start.


On March 1, 2018 Woodside conducted an interactive workshop for approximately 180 personnel based in the Perth head office and across seven remote operating facilitates.  Personnel at remote operating sites attended via video conference.  At the workshop, attendees heard information about Safer Together WA/NT and why Woodside decided to join.  Attendees were then split into small groups to discuss opportunities to collaborate and standardise across the industry to improve safety performance. 


Ideas arising at the workshop were collated and each group presented their 3 ‘quick wins’ that will add the most value in improving industry safety performance. 

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 “I couldn’t be happier with how the session went.  Everyone was actively involved in the discussion and could see the value industry collaboration presents.  There were some excellent ideas presented that provide the starting point for Woodside to input to Working Group discussions. We look forward to working closely with our Operator and Contractor colleagues through Safer Together WA/NT to continue to improve safety performance across our industry”. 

Deborah Peach, General Manager HSEQ - Australia Operating Unit

Lessons Learnt

  • Make it engaging and interactive.
  • Listen and use the ideas to inform your engagement with Safer Together. 
  • Use technology to engage remote workforce.

Click here to access and download Woodside’s Safer Together Implementation Handbook. 

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