Safer Together has been working with various stakeholder groups to issue Safety Alerts intended to share learnings from incidents.  The format of these various Safety Alerts has grown organically over time.  Until now.  Safer Together has settled on a uniform format for Safety Alerts.

Since its inception, the Marine Working Group has been compiling Marine Safety Alerts from a variety of sources and disseminating them to the marine community on a monthly basis.  Occasionally, Safer Together develops a Marine Safety Alert in our own livery and adds this to the monthly information stream.

We have also, on occasion, prepared Safer Together Process Safety Alerts to share process safety incidents.  Sometimes we’ve simply helped a member company share learnings from an incident (click here for an example).

A recent request from the Land Transport Working Group to share Safety Alerts with their stakeholders reminded us that Safer Together is all about simplifying and standardising…as well as sharing.

So we benchmarked the form and content of Safety Alerts issued by other Industry organisations and Regulatory Agencies and ‘borrowed’ the best ideas.  User feedback about our Learning Event Bulletins has taught us a lot about how to effectively use these types of materials to share learnings, and prompt meaningful conversations at the work front.  We have also learnt by sharing previous Safety Alerts with various stakeholder audiences (e.g. Marine and Process Safety).

We threw all of the above into the mix and developed a uniform Safety Alert format.  We will now use this to share learnings from:

  • Incidents and near misses that do not warrant a Learning Event Bulletin.  Click here for a recent example of this type of Safety Alert.  (Note: High Value Learning Events will continue to be shared via Learning Event Bulletins.  Click here to see a list of triggers for producing a Learning Event Bulletin). 
  • High Value Learning Events that have not yet been fully investigated – but have learnings that need to be shared in a timely manner.  Click here for a recent example of this type of Safety Alert.

The Marine Working Group have already started using this new format for Marine Safety Alerts.

All Safety Alerts and Learning Event Bulletins are stored in our Sharing Library

Member companies can now contribute to sharing lessons learnt in the following ways:

  • Use our Learning Event Bulletin template to share High-Value Learning Events.  We have developed a How-To Guide to assist.
  • Upload your Safety Alerts to our Sharing Library.  (Note: we are more than happy to accept Safety Alerts in your Company’s form and template.  The more we share – the more we learn).
  • Contact us at: [email protected] if you’d like us to help you prepare a Safety Alert in the new Safer Together format.

For more information about Learning Event Bulletins, click here.