Member companies wanting to trial the Safety Culture Survey tool will now be able to use it on a sample group of up to 100 people at no cost.  The tool has also been updated based on feedback from early adopters.  The tool is available to all member companies.  It can be used company-wide, or for specific teams.  Its web-based format provides for immediate feedback.

The Safety Culture Survey has been in use in Queensland since 2017.  It was launched in WA/NT at the recent Industry Safety Forum event.  The Safety Leadership Working Group is now seeking volunteer member companies to conduct surveys as a pilot for use of the tool in WA/NT.  As such, and based on feedback from users in Queensland, the first 100 users at each member company will be provided access to the survey for free. 

Member companies will be able try the survey on a small audience at no cost to test its use as a workforce engagement tool, and to experiment with the data reporting functions in the ‘back end’ of the tool.  User feedback indicates this is an important first step before making a larger commitment to the cost of roll-out out to a broader cross section of their organisation.  Users also report that it is essential to think carefully about the data structures that will need to be established to enable meaningful analysis and reporting.

User feedback has informed recent improvements to the tool and its functionality.  User credits can now be purchased on a sliding scale of costs per user. The more you purchase, the less they cost per user.  Once purchased, the credits can be allocated at your company’s discretion.

In addition, although Safer Together runs a Help Desk to support member companies to implement the tool, user feedback indicates that this needs to be more ‘hands on’.  In response, member companies can now buy a Starter Kit which contains 100 credits and a day of on-site support and advice to help set-up the survey.

Early feedback from users in WA/NT indicates that the survey has the following unique capabilities when compared to other similar tools:

  • capability for real time feedback to participants enables its use as a powerful workforce engagement tool
  • asking questions that allow participants to identify “Which one behaviour, in your opinion, would make the biggest overall improvement in safety in your part of the organisation” provides a unique insight not offered by other tools
  • the ‘back end’ interface to set-up reporting structures and analyse data is simple, elegant and powerful

Member companies can click here to obtain their first 100 credits at no cost.

For more information about the Safety Culture Survey click here.