Want to engage your workforce and keep them up to date with the latest news about what's happening in safety across our Industry?  We've produced our third six-monthly Bulletin that summarises the latest developments at Safer Together.

With the switch to remote working likely to continue for some time yet, it’s important to be able to efficiently share news and latest developments to keep people informed and engaged. For large companies in particular, with hundreds or even thousands of employees, it can be a real challenge to ensure everyone is kept in the loop.

The Bulletin briefly summarises:

  • New member companies that have joined Safer Together since the start of the year
  • Winners of the 2020 Best and Fairest Awards
  • What did we achieve in the first half of 2021?
  • Recent Deployment Case Studies from 4 member companies
  • Look Ahead - what’s coming in the next 6 months?
  • Where to go for more information.

It is available in two versions for member companies to choose their preferred option and use:

  1. A non-editable, general version.
  2. An editable version that you can customise to include company-specific content such as your company logo, key company contacts, and details of how your company internally manages assessment, prioritisation, implementation and monitoring of progress of Safer Together programs across the business.

We will continue to publish these Bulletins every 6 months.

Safer Together focal points from all member companies are encouraged to:

  1. Download the general version of the Bulletin (or download the editable version and produce your own customised Bulletin) and then circulate it by email to all your employees.
  2. Review the suite of products and projects mentioned in the Bulletin and identify those that relate to your company’s business activities and risk profile.
  3. Priortise the products that you think will have the most impact in helping to improve safety within your company, then develop an implementation plan for each that details how you will adopt, communicate and rollout the product within your company.

If you need any help to get started with identifying and prioritising Safer Together initiatives for adoption and implementation please contact us at [email protected].