Laurence Ledrut (Process Safety Manager – Integrated Gas, Origin Energy and Qld Process Safety Working Group member) presented at two conferences recently, Chemeca 2023 (Auckland, NZ) and ProSafe 2023 (Melbourne, Aus) – flying the flag for Safer Together and the Process Safety Working Group at both!


Chemeca is our Collaboration Partner IChemE’s annual conference for the Australian and New Zealand community of chemical and process engineers and industrial chemists, in 2023 themed Chemical Engineering - Leading the Transition Into A Sustainable Future

Prosafe is the flagship Process Safety conference for the Asia Pacific region focussed on sharing best practices and the latest advancements in process safety management.

Via her presentation, Developing Process Safety Management Strategies to Advance Process Safety Culture and Process Hazard Management, Laurence reflected on her own role as a Process Safety Manager in the context of the transition to a sustainable future – with Process Safety a fundamental pillar of this transition.

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“I wanted to share the process safety management strategies that we implemented at Origin Energy to improve process safety hazards culture and performance.” Laurence Ledrut.

Simply put, Process Safety is about good practice that ensures that the process equipment that we design, build, maintain and operate will not lead to the release of hazardous materials or energy that could hurt people or the environment.

Laurence also shared what Safer Together is, what we stand for, and what we collectively try to communicate and improve upon on behalf of our industry, followed by a viewing of Safer Togethers’ "Process Safety – We all have a part to play"; a process safety awareness video designed to help improve conversations about process safety, and to help people connect their own role to process safety awareness.

Origin Energy held a ‘Process Safety Month’, in which the company made this video the centre of the campaign.  After deploying the campaign, Laurence was approached by people in contract management, procurement, and other positions that typically wouldn’t consider process safety in their roles – who due to the campaign now have a fresh and enlightened perspective on the sometimes-invisible presence and need for process safety in our work and everyday lives.

Laurence was pleased with how well the presentations were received, with multiple questions during and after the session, many asking, “where can I access the video?”“how can we roll it out?”

Following her Chemeca presentation – Laurence was asked “how can we have a similar sharing of learnings in New Zealand?”.  She noted a lot of interest in the room in Auckland about the spirit of connection and learning from each other that we actively nurture at Safer Together.

Our “Process Safety – We all have a part to play” video is one of our Process Safety Awareness Campaign tools designed by our Process Safety Working Group to contribute to preventing loss of containment incidents, that enable members to start a process safety conversation about roles we all might play in keeping hazardous materials contained.

If you or your company is interested in using the "Process Safety - we all have a part to play" campaign and supporting materials, find everything you need on our website.

Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in any initiatives associated with our Process Safety Working Group.