In May Safer Together proudly commenced a formal dialogue with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) about potential opportunities to work more closely with each other, as we share a mutual vision around improving process safety awareness in the industry.

Founded in 1922, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is a multi-national institution with primary offices in the UK and Australia. It exists to advance chemical engineering’s contribution for the benefit of society, and is an industry-funded and led organisation, focussed on improving process safety through sharing information and learning. 

As Collaboration Partners, Safer Together and IChemE have committed to:

  • Sharing a vision to promote process safety awareness and improvement efforts throughout the natural gas industry
  • Encouraging representatives from both organisations to attend partner events including conferences and forums to promote each partner’s work and efforts in the process safety area
  • Safer Together actively promoting IChemE material through social media, our website and direct mail out
  • Continuation of Safer Together Member Company Working Group representative membership of IChemE.

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IChemE has released an updated e-booklet on ‘Learning Lessons from Major Incidents – Improving process safety by sharing experience’ An invaluable resource for Process Safety and Chemical Engineers, the booklet provides a portfolio of accident case studies, including many from our industry.  These 52 case studies can be used for training exercises and refresher courses for staff and contractors at any site, to help raise awareness of hazards and may even reduce the likelihood of an accident.  They can also be studied to improve emergency response plans, thereby avoiding escalation, and limiting the scale of the consequences of an accident. 

Each incident in the booklet contains a 1-page incident summary, enabling the information to be easily shared with colleagues at all levels in an organisation, with incident summaries and posters available to facilitate learning.

Also available on our website is IChemE's ‘Lead Process Safety Metrics – selecting, tracking and learning’

You may recall that Safer Together was awarded “Highly Commended” at the IChemE Global Safety Awards in 2021 for the video “We all Have a Part to Play”, and so we are proud to formalise our long-term connection – assisting each other in spreading valuable process safety awareness.

Into the future, IChemE will be releasing short videos related to learnings from catastrophic process safety incidents for sharing with our Process Safety Working Groups, and Safer Together will have a presence at the IChemE Hazards Australia conference in Melbourne later this year.

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