Safer Together has a new Strategic Safety Plan to guide our activities over the next 3 years. Following consultation with our Member Companies and interviews with members of our Safety Leaders Group we have clearly defined our Commitments and Areas of Focus over the next 3 years. 

In late 2019 we started our journey to develop a new Strategic Safety Plan for Safer Together.  Consultation with members of our Safer Leaders Group revealed that it was time to re-visit our Mission and Vision.  We had advanced beyond being a ‘start-up’ organisation, and we needed to develop a laser focused statement about why we exist what success looks like for us.

We worked with our Safety Leaders Group to develop a clear statement about Our Commitment.  During 2020 we spent time to socialise this statement with our members and other stakeholders.  It became clear that Our Commitment defines What we are about and How we will achieve it.

We engaged with our Member Companies and members of our Safety Leadership Group to talk about how we have been going until now, and what we need to focus on in the future.

  • Click here to learn about what our Qld stakeholders told us
  • Click here to learn about what our WA/NT stakeholders told us

This feedback helped us to develop the Strategic Safety Plan for 2021-2023.  This Plan will guide our endeavours over the coming years.  It will also serve to solidify and unify the collaboration between our WA/NT and Qld Chapters.  It is no coincidence that this new Strategic Safety Plan reflects the collaborative spirit that was at the heart of our Industry’s response to the challenges of 2020.  Following this Plan over the coming years will carry this spirit forward as a catalyst that enables our Industry to be Safer and Stronger Together.

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