Industry harmonisation is a goal that’s often talked about, but it’s also recognised as challenging to achieve. Although few would dispute that “offshore and onshore are different” in terms of the working environment, when it comes to safety improvement at a strategic level they have more in common than many people may realise.

Take a look at the respective Strategic Safety Plans 2018-2020 of Safer Together QLD and Safer Together WA/NT and you’ll see a strong alignment between the two Chapters.

“Why not just have one Strategic Safety Plan?” is a logical question to ask. The Safety Leaders Group (SLG) of each Chapter of Safer Together develops their own individual Strategic Plans to address the needs of, and to deliver safety improvement benefits to their members in their respective regions. But each SLG also recognises that alignment and collaboration between Chapters will assist both in meeting their objectives.

Harmonisation at the strategic level is a big step forward, paving the way for our industry to be able to truly standardise, simply and share.  To quote our recently re-elected Prime Minister, “How good is that!”