As part of our focus to provide more deployment support to member companies, Safer Together has at least 5 ‘Lunch & Learn’ Events lined up for 2022. Take a look at the schedule for the remainder of this year and register your interest if you want to be included on the invitation list for any of these events. 

What exactly is a ‘Lunch & Learn’? 

A ‘Lunch & Learn’ is a bite-sized 45-minute Event, delivered both face-to-face and virtually, designed to promote awareness and understanding of just some of the wide range of Safer Together Products and Programs available to member companies, the benefits of adopting them and how to maximise their value.

Presented by Safer Together Member Company representatives, you’ll hear first-hand the experiences of these companies in introducing and deploying a particular Product or Program in their workplace.

Here’s the Lunch & Learn schedule for 2022 – if you missed out on attending the first couple, don’t despair! – a full recording of each event is available for member companies to access and share with their work teams free of charge.

21 Jan            Common Industry In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) Roadmap

Hear representatives from Santos, Origin Energy and Qteq discuss the reasons for, features and benefits of this single navigation solution.

Click here to watch the webinar.

Click here for more information about the Common IVMS Roadmap.

29 Mar           Leading a Safe Culture

Representatives from Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Pro-Test Well Services introduce a suite of eLearn tools that collectively form the 3 key components of the Leading a Safe Culture Initiative:

  1. ‘Effective Safety Conversations’ - a tool to deepen the skills needed to have effective conversations about safety
  2. ‘5 Whys’ - a simple but powerful tool to improve the quality of incident investigations, allowing users to dissect a problem and reveal its underlying causes quickly. 
  3. ‘Smart Actions’ – a tool for addressing the root causes of incidents through effective application of the Hierarchy of Control.

Look out a webinar recording of this event in our next monthly news bulletin.

18 May          Common Industry Competencies

This Specification defines consistent requirements for safety training courses, competency outcomes and validity periods. It removes confusion, eliminates duplication in training requirements and improves cost efficiency by removing inconsistencies. It will also improve worker mobility.

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Click here for more information about the Common Industry Competencies Specification.

29 Jul            Helicopter Passenger Safety Equipment Specification

The Aviation Working Group have developed a set of criteria to provide the required safety considerations for this equipment, drawn from the experience of the industry overseas as well as additional criteria for wearability and usability to best match the operating environment off the Western Australian coast.

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Click here for more information about the Helicopter Passenger Safety Equipment Specification.

Date TBC       HSE Focal Points Engagement

We’re planning to run a Lunch & Learn event later in the year targeted at the HSE Focal Points in Safer Together member companies, to explore how Safer Together can better engage with the HSE function.  If you’re an HSE Adviser/Manager come along to learn more about Safer Together and the essential role the HSE function plays in deploying Safer Together initiatives within each company, and to give us your feedback on how we might better engage the HSE function.

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