The latest in our series of bite-sized ‘Lunch and Learn’ Events was held on 18 May, on the topic of ‘Common Industry Competencies’ (CICs). Presenters from Halliburton, Arrow Energy and Upstream Production Solutions stepped through why we need them, how they can best be adopted to improve safety outcomes across our industry, and the Safer Together tools available to member companies.

Hosted in Brisbane with a face-to-face audience and also live-streamed to online participants, the Event was attended by representatives from a diverse mix of 20 companies. The content was of such interest, the session went 30 minutes overtime with great questions and discussion from both in-person and virtual attendees – in this instance, it was a positive not to be punctual!

Safer Together Members can access a full video recording here.

The Common Industry Competencies (CIC) Specification defines consistent requirements for training courses, competency, and validity periods. It removes confusion, eliminates duplication in training requirements and improves cost efficiency.  It also:

  • improves worker mobility;
  • allows Operators and Contractors to better target their training spend;
  • enables faster mobilisation of workers to site; and
  • increases confidence around the competency of our workforce.

CIC additional.jpg

Peter Ridge (HSE Lead Land Operations - Halliburton) opened the event by framing the discussion with his great presentation on ‘Common Industry Competencies – Why Do We Have Them, and What Problem Are We Solving?’

Ken Tait (Quality Lead - Upstream Production Solutions) and Benjamin Prain (General Manager Safety - Arrow Energy) then followed by presenting ‘Industry Training – An Operator and Contractor Perspective on Common Industry Competencies’ - a great introduction to the CICs and how they can help streamline training across organisations.

Ben Prain had this to say about implementing Common Industry Competencies at Arrow Energy:

“The CICs offer consistency and alignment of expectations for our internal and contractor teams, with efficiency gained by knowing and applying the same standards for training and competency during contract negotiations and mobilisations.

“The industry is safer when we gain alignment and agreement on the standards we will work to. Making it easier for all – head office to site locations - should always be our goal”.

Unfortunately, our next presenter Mick Campbell (HSET Manager - Shamrock Civil Engineering) was unable to attend at the last minute, though we would like to acknowledge his efforts prior to the day ensuring the success of the Event.  And so – a big thank you to Ken Tait and Peter Ridge for jumping in to step attendees through the ‘Safer Together Tools Available to You’ in Mick’s place.

Finally, Timothy Dabrowski (Executive Director - Pro-Test Well Services and Co-Champion of the Competence & Behaviour Working Group) wrapped up the event and shared his  reflections on the session.

We would like to thank all the presenters and facilitators for their time, enthusiasm and commitment and also our Event Sponsor, Shamrock Civil Engineering, without whom the Event would not have been so successful.

For further information on Common Industry Competencies, and to find out how they can streamline training requirements and improve safety outcomes in your workplace, click here.

If you’d like to find out more information about our Competence and Behaviour Working Group, or if you are interested in joining, email: [email protected] to register your interest.

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