Driving is a routine activity for every sector in our industry, and one of our highest-risk undertakings.  Due to a rapid increase in vehicle-related incidents industry-wide, our Land Transport Incident Review Panel (LTIRP) focussed on Safer Together programs including LUEZ (loading, unloading exclusion zones) and In-Vehicular Monitoring System (IVMS) and existing driver behaviour technologies - discussing whether these initiatives have made us safer.

The LTIRP featured presentations from Origin on two incidents, and an engaging examination of the use In-Vehicular Monitoring System (IVMS) from Graeme Bell (IVMS Compliance and Road Safety Advisor, National Response Centre), presenting an analysis of driver behaviour monitoring data, and an IVMS Scorecard Template he has been developing that manages driver behaviour in a manner that is non-intrusive, and based in statistical analysis - a focus on analysis of the causes of driver behaviour observed, rather than strict consequence management that has proven useful.

Graeme is looking for any member companies interested in testing/piloting this software before it is rolled out.  Interested parties can contact us at [email protected] for further detail.

Peter Runge (Origin Energy) then presented on LUEZ, and a ‘driver trapped between’ scenario that was very well received, generating a lot of comments and questions from the floor, as well as making himself and Graeme very popular in the networking event after the event.

Thanks to Aaron Scott (Fleet Specialist, Origin Energy) and Scott Winter (Logistics Specialist, Origin Energy) who were interviewed, and Adam Fitz-Henry (Commercial Manager, Qteq) who emceed the event.

Thank you to our event sponsor Origin Energy.

Members can view a full recording of this event.

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