Process Standardisation

Standardised approach to use of load restraint; LUEZ; spotting.


Loading and unloading trucks and trailers presents a set of interaction risk to equipment and personnel. This risk is managed, in part, through the establishment and maintenance of loading and unloading exclusion zones (LUEZ). Is there enough commonality in the approaches to LUEZ guidance amongst all of the Safer Together member companies in order to standardise this guidance and implement it across our industry?


The Land Logistic Working Group compiled and analysed the guidance that could be sourced from member companies and expert organisations and developed a set of consolidated guidance that can be used by all members. It is practical guidance that can be used as a ‘health check’ on existing operations as well as serve as a the basis for design and layout of a new facility to ensure exclusion zones are effective and efficient.


The LUEZ project team has drafted the Safer Together LUEZ Guidance and piloted its use by two member companies to confirm its usability and effectiveness as a tool. Following the finalisation and approval of the Guidance, the project team will develop and publish communications to make members and other stakeholder companies aware of the tool and propagate its use.

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Publish LUEZ Guidance in Q4 2019.

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