In 2023, our Associate Member, Whitehaven Coal engaged Safer Together to deliver Helping Hands workshops to workers at their Narrabri coal operations site - bringing hand safety awareness direct to the workforce.  Later that year, Dr Matt Henricks (Founder and Non-Executive Director, Helping Hands) visited the Philippines; personally delivering the prosthetic hands built at the workshop.

Safer Together Hand Recipient Photo Received 31012024.jpgLost his hand in a tractor accident in 1990

The Helping Hands Program is a unique opportunity for organisations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as super-charging employee engagement. More than just a team building exercise or a training activity, participants in the program build prosthetic hands that are donated to amputees throughout the developing world. The activity empowers every participant to make a real and lasting contribution, and in doing so reminds people what it feels like to be engaged in a truly purposeful activity.

HH1 .jpgLost her hand due to an infection from chemical spray used in farming in 2007

We thank our Collaboration Partner, the Helping Hands Program for their partnership, facilitating delivery of this fantastic and life-changing program.

Find out more about how a Helping Hands workshop can help you engage with your workforce and address hand safety in your workplace – and help the Program meet their goal of 30,000 hands built by 2030, email us at [email protected].

We are Stronger and Safer Together.