The Hazards and Habits activity was launched in WA/NT at the recent Industry Safety Forum Event. To commemorate this, and to improve how the activity is utilised, we are running a competition.  We want you to send us your ideas on how to use the activity – and we’ll send you a free Hazards and Habits kit.

Hazards and Habits is an activity to help improve frontline worker connection with the hazards that they are exposed to in their day to day activities and the associated life-saving habits.  It has been used in Queensland for a few years now.  Click here to read about how Wild Desert is using the activity to promote discussion about workplace hazards.

A Launch Pack is now available to help member companies communicate the Hazards and Habits activity to their workforce.

Feedback from users in Queensland has indicated that although it is a simple activity, users report that a bit of guidance about how to use the tool would be appreciated.  In response, a How To Guide has been compiled and is provided with every Hazards and Habits kit.

We want to keep adding to this How To Guide.  We are looking for your help. Please:

  • Send us your brief outlines/ideas for how to use the activity to facilitate discussions about workplace hazards and habits.
  • Better still – take a video to show us how you are using the activity.  Nothing fancy.  Turn on your smart phone – point and shoot.

Send your outlines/ideas to [email protected].  We will send a Hazards and Habits kit to anyone who sends us an outline/idea or video that we think should be added to the Hazards and Habits How To Guide.

For more information about Hazards and Habits click here.