Hazards & Habits

An activity to help improve frontline worker connection with the hazards that they are exposed to in their day to day activities and the associated life-saving habits.


Frontline workers on rig sites are exposed to hazards on a daily basis. All of the operators in our industry have developed programs to communicate key hazards and associated ‘life-saving’ behaviours or rules. A common life-saving program does not exist. Life-saving programs can be overwhelming and confusing for contractors.


Develop and roll-out a simple tool to communicate common hazards and the associated habits – or ‘life-saving behaviours’. The tool should connect frontline workers to the hazards that they are exposed to in their day-to-day activities.


The Working Group analysed the life-saving programs of all operators in the industry and distilled them into 8 hazards and associated habits. These are depicted
in the Hazards and Habits activity.

The Hazards and Habits activity is finding a wide range of uses within the industry. It has been used as a leadership activity at the Safer Together Industry Safety Forum and also as a training aid in the Safer Together Industry Safety Induction.

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Case Study: Wild Desert




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