Safer Together will soon release a draft Fitness to Work (FTW) Medical Assessment Guideline for consultation. This Guideline will outline an approach that members of Safer Together can adopt to set up Fitness to Work medical assessments and associated processes. 

The Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry recognises it has a diverse workforce, and that the workforce necessarily needs to carry out their activities in remote locations away from sophisticated medical facilities and rapid emergency response. Medical FTW is an integral element in ensuring the safety of staff and contractors in the industry.

It is intended that the approach outlined in the Guideline will be progressively adopted consistently across the industry. This will lead to improved health of the workforce, and will also have the benefit for contractors to have a single, recognised approach that is accepted by all Oil and Gas organisations.

A series of consultation workshops will be conducted in October and November for Safer Together members interested in reviewing and contributing to the final development of the FTW Medical Assessment Guideline.  Participants will also be able to also ask questions about how to  set up and implement the FTW Medical Assessment process in their own organisation.  

These consultation workshops will be conducted in Brisbane. Regional workshops will be run early next year. The workshops will be useful for people who are responsible for setting up and running FTW programs in their company, including HR, HSE or workforce management.

Invitations to these workshops will be issued shortly.

A range of supporting documents has been developed.  Click below to access: 

Click here for more information about the FTW Medical Assessment Guideline.

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