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FTW Medical Assessment Guideline

A Guideline for pre-employment and periodic medical examinations for the Queensland Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry.


Medical screening and proactive medical management of workers’ health reduces health and safety risks in the industry.  Currently however, requirements for Fitness to Work medical assessments vary across the industry.  Many individuals moving between companies in the industry undertake numerous pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.


Develop a Guideline to help member companies set up Fitness to Work medical assessments and associated processes.  It is hoped that this Guideline will promote a consistent, efficient and cost effective industry approach which will, in turn, lead to improved health across the workforce.


The Project Team has published the following documents to provide information and context about this initiative:

A regional consultation workshop on Medical Assessment Guideline was held on 26 August 2020. Members can access the recording of the workshop here.

Coming Next

The workshop on 26 August 2020 concluded the extensive consultation process. The team will collate feedback and finalise the guideline for release in 2021.

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