Here’s the story of how Beach Energy adopted and implemented Safer Together’s Fitness to Work Medical Assessment Guideline and used this as a timely opportunity to not only standardise on one medical assessment for its whole business across Australia and New Zealand, but to also align with a new industry-wide approach. 

Managing change in an evolving organisation is never easy. Over the past 5 years Beach Energy‘s story is one of rapid growth. In 2016, Beach completed a merger with Drillsearch expanding its Cooper Basin footprint. Then, in 2018, Beach acquired Lattice Energy, resulting in substantial growth of the company’s asset portfolio.  Today, Beach has operated and non-operated onshore and offshore, oil and natural gas production from five producing basins in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.

With more than 700 employees and contractors and a wide range of suppliers, Beach Energy had a long-established medical assessment program in place. However there were 3 different medical standards in use across the newly formed business, depending on which producing basin a person worked in and whether they worked in an onshore or offshore role.

Beach Energy updated its Health and Medical Assessments Procedure to reflect the Safer Together FTW Medical Assessment Guideline, enabling the company to standardise on one medical assessment for its whole business across Australia and New Zealand. Deployment commenced in July 2021 and the scope of application was Remote Operations, Production Plants and Offshore Operations.

Click here for a Case Study from Beach Energy that provides more details about why they adopted and implemented the FTW Medical Assessment Guideline, how they went about it, and how it has helped the company and its employees. You’ll also find out Beach Energy’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of adopting the FTW Medical Assessment Guideline. 

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For more information about the Safer Together FTW Medical Assessment Guideline click here.

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