Here’s the story of how Arrow Energy implemented a program of two-yearly periodic Fitness To Work (FTW) medicals for their workforce, aimed at improving management of health and reducing the occurrence of Fitness To Work health-related severe and fatal events.  The program has gone through two major cycles, and mirrors the approach set out in the Safer Together FTW Medical Assessment Guideline.

Arrow Energy currently operates five gas fields in the Surat and Bowen basins in southern and central Queensland respectively, and produces the equivalent of more than 40 per cent of Queensland’s total domestic gas demand. In 2020 Arrow also commenced the first phase of the Surat Gas Project.

A high proportion of Arrow Energy’s staff and contractors work in remote locations, some distance and time away from sophisticated medical facilities and rapid emergency response. Every year in the oil and gas industry there are multiple occurrences of individuals needing medical evacuation (medivac) from, or even dying at remote locations due to Fitness To Work (FTW) related causes (e.g. cardiac arrest).

Arrow determined that the pre-existing level of health screening for staff and contractors was not fit for purpose and committed to adopting and rolling out a mandatory two-yearly periodic Fitness To Work medical. Arrow also began discussions with other proponents and contracting companies in relation to developing a common, standardised approach for managing medical Fitness To Work. This evolved into the Safer Together Health Working Group that is now seeking to roll out the Safer Together FTW Medical Assessment Guideline.

Click here for a Case Study from Arrow Energy that provides more details about why they implemented a program of two-yearly periodic Fitness To Work medicals, how they went about it, and how it has helped the company, its staff and contractors. You’ll also find out Arrow Energy’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of adopting a program of periodic FTW Medical Assessments.  

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