Summer is here, and we have launched our updated and improved Management of Heat Stress Guideline and Heat Stress e-Learn tool - both endorsed for deployment Australia-wide.

These tools have been designed to increase heat stress awareness and provide guidance on an approach to implementing heat mitigation measures that should be put in place to manage the risks to personnel exposed to heat; and have specifically been developed with the frontline workforce in mind.

Improvements to the original Guideline and e-Learn tool include the addition of: 

  • Controls listed (now taking into consideration the Hierarchy of Controls),
  • Inclusion of updated heat acclimatisation steps,
  • Inclusion of heat stress symptoms, and
  • The initial actions required for mitigating heat stress.

Materials are available on our website to support immediate deployment of the Guideline, and include:

  • A video summarising the key components of the Management of Heat Stress Guideline
  • FAQs
  • Launch Pack (including Implementation Guide)


Heat Stress e_learn Button.png

The Guideline promotes an effective and consistent industry-wide approach to preventing and mitigating heat stress for the entire operator, contractor, and sub-contracting workforce.

If you would like to hear how one of our members has used the Heat Stress Guideline you can
Click for a Case Study from Origin Energy.

For any questions regarding implementation of the Management of Heat Stress Guideline or feedback on the materials, email:  [email protected].