Management of Heat Stress Guideline & e-Learn

A Guideline to increase heat stress awareness and provide guidance on mitigation measures for managing the risks to personnel exposed to heat, and a tool to facilitate member company employees to have common approach to Heat Stress awareness.



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Heat Stress is a serious risk in our industry so it is not sufficient to simply have a list of controls that may or may not apply on any given day irrespective of the temperature on site. Instead, a robust and considered approach to managing heat stress and its prevention should be properly applied.


Develop a Guideline and supporting tools that applies to all personnel undertaking work in hot conditions in the field environment in the onshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Industry.


The Health Working Group has launched a Guideline that, together with the associated Heat Stress resources, will serve to increase awareness across the Industry and provide guidance on mitigation measures that should be implemented for managing the risks to personnel exposed to heat. Sharing this information will promote an effective and consistent approach across industry to preventing Heat Stress, irrespective of the company undertaking the work and whether it is an operator, contractor or sub-contractor.

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