Step Back 5x5 Cards

Take 5 for Mental Health Step Back 5x5 Card

The Health Working Group has developed a Step back 5x5 Card to support taking 5 for Mental Health. It is pocket sized (75x120mm) for convenience.

Members can download the product artwork to print your own cards here.

An A4 print document is also available to download here.

The card can also be ordered from our print contractor and delivered to you.

Price per card is approximately 20c (based on a standard order of 1000). Pricing will depend on quantity required. Excludes GST.

As a guide:

  •   250 cards = $146.00 (58c per card)
  •   500 cards = $156.00 (31c per card)
  • 1000 cards = $198.00 (20c per card)
  • 1500 cards = $226.00 (15c per card)
  • 2000 cards = $291.00 (14c per card)

Our Print contractor will provide a detailed price on receipt of your enquiry.

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