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Safety Culture Toolkit

Strengthen your organisation's safety culture by developing, promoting and supporting implementation of 3 Safety Culture Toolkit Guides.


Project / Initiative

Safety Culture Toolkit – strengthen safety culture across the industry by developing, promoting and supporting implementation of 3 Safety Culture Toolkit Guides.


Some companies have mature safety systems and processes in place, and others do not. Those that do not often struggle to find the expertise and resources to develop safety leadership processes and tools from scratch and would benefit greatly from being aware of best practice approaches used by other companies.


Develop a tailored, user-friendly toolkit for member companies that encourage a systematic and consistent industry approach to drive improvement in 3 key areas:

  1. Just Culture (i.e. a culture of trust and openness without fear of blame, but in which people are also accountable for their behaviours)
  2. Safety Behaviour
  3. Life Saving Rules.

Promote adoption of and explain how to use the toolkit through face-to-face workshops and associated support materials. Provide implementation support and coaching where necessary.


Now Available!

3 guides have been developed and are available now for all member companies to simply pick up and use:

How to Guide – Develop and Implement a Just Culture Model

How to Guide – Develop and Implement a Safety Behaviour Model

How to Guide – Develop and Implement Life Saving Rules

Each Guide:

  • explains the topic and why it is important
  • describes the key features of best practice models and provides examples from Safer Together member companies
  • provides a step-by-step process for developing and implementing a model for your company

The Guides are available for member companies to simply download, use and share with their colleagues.

Click here for an overview of the Safety Culture Toolkit. For more materials check Safer Together Downloads!

Click here to access Safety Culture tools used by various member companies.

Coming Next

  • Roll out notification to member companies.
  • Conduct 2 Safety Culture Workshops and develop associated support materials.
  • Select a member company for a special implementation project.

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